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A Village Market

Every big village in Bangladesh has got a market . It is an important place to the villagers . The villagers buy and sell the daily necessaries of their life in a village market .

A village market sits in an open place of the village . It generally sits by the side of a road or on the bank of a river or a canal so that the villagers can come and go .

Village markets are of two kinds - hats and bazars . Bazars sit everyday in the morning and breaks up at noon . Hats sit in the afternoon once or twice a week and continues from mid day to the early part of the night .

Usually a village market is divided into three sections - open space , temporary shops and permanent shops . Vegetables , milk , fish , fruit , betel nut etc are sold in the open space . This place is always crowded . People buy their daily necessaries here . The grocers sit in the temporary shops . From the grocers people can buy oil , salt , onion , garlic , ginger , pulse , etc. In the permanent shops cloth , shoes , wheat , rice , flour , ghee , spices and different stationary items are sold . There are also sweetmeat sellers . They do not cover the sweetmeats properly . There are the tailors ' shops and the tailors are busy in cutting and sewing . On hat days one or two cows and goats are slaughtered and people buy meat . People can also have fowls , hens , ducks etc. Cattle are sold in some big markets . There are also tea - stalls and the shops of barbers.

A village market has demerits also . There is no fixed price for any of the items . A customer may be cheated at any time . A village market is not clean . There is no public sweeper to clean the rubbish and filth . Besides . sometimes higgling leads to quarrel . Sometimes , shopkeepers are also oppressed by the local mastans and criminals .

In spite of the demerits a village market is very useful and important in the life of the villagers . Here they meet their kith and kin and variety of people . The villagers sell their surplus products and buy their daily necessaries . It saves time and money of the villagers .

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