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Population Problem of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world . It is a small country of 55598 square miles . But it has a population over 150 million . About 1500-1600 people live in one square mile . Every year more than two million people are being added to our population . The problem is now out of control . It has now come to the position of explosion .

Though the population of a country is an asset , it becomes a problem when the country can not afford to give people the basic necessaries of life .

The area of Bangladesh is too small to support her vast population . As a result it creates food problem , communication problem , educational problem . unemployment problem , shelter problem , health problem . medical problem , environmental problem and poverty .

We should all come forward to control it . The government of Bangladesh is trying to control it . To remove this problem we should follow the following arrangements .

Each family must not have more than two children . Then each family will be planned . They should made aware of the gravity of the problem .

To check the growth of population , top - most importance should be attached to education of the masses . If the entire population are educated , there would develop a sense of national awareness and wide outlook among them .

If we do not stop early marriage , the people of our country will be increasing migration day by day .

We can export man to other countries to remove the population crisis . To remove this problem . the lesson of self reliance is particularly needed for us .

The population problem is a great problem for Bangladesh . But this can be solved if the government and the people are firmly determined to control birth and grow more food at the same time . No improvement is possible unless this problem is solved . Therefore , all the people of Bangladesh and the government should join hands to meet the crisis right at this moment before it is too late .

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