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Paragraph: Our Country | Bangladesh | My Country | JSC, SSC, HSC

Paragraph: Our Country | Bangladesh | My Country | JSC, SSC, HSC

Our Country

Bangladesh is a small low - lying country in the South Asia on the Bay of Bengal . It came into being in 1971 following a bloody war . It's total area is 1,47,570 square kilometres . The Bay of Bengal is to the south of the country . The other three sides are surrounded by India except for small strip in the southeast by Myanmar . Most of its lands are plain with some hilly areas in the northeast and southeast of the country . The country is criss - crossed by so many rivers and canals .

The Padma , the Meghna and the Jamuna are the main big rivers of the country . The country has a tropical monsoon climate . The country has six seasons . They are winter , spring , summer , rainy , autumn and late autumn .

The population of Bangladesh is about 150 million . Majority of them are Muslims and the rest are Hindus , Buddhists and Christians . Over 98 percent of the people speak Bengali . English is also widely used .

The national dress for men is Payjama and Panjabi and Sari is for women . But the educated people put on pants and shirts , the educated women put on Salowar and Kamiz .

The economy of the country depends on agriculture . Jute , rice , tea , sugarcane , oilseeds , fruit , vegetables , spices , wheat , potato , tobacco and cotton are the crops of the country .

About 80 percent people live in villages and agriculture is their main occupation .

Chittagong and Mongla are the two main sea ports of the country . Cox's Bazar a place of scenic beauty is the longest sea beach of the world .

The country has some world heritage sites such as the Sunderbans , the Shat Gombuj Mosque of Bagerhat etc.

After all , the people of Bangladesh are very much peace loving . I am proud of my country .

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