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Composition: My Country/Bangladesh

Bangladesh is my country. She is like my mother. She has given me a shelter in her lap. She protects me. She makes my dreams true.


Introduction :

Bangladesh is my country. She is like my mother. She has given me a shelter in her lap. She protects me. She makes my dreams true. I have been growing up in her lap. I feel so secure in her womb like lap. Bangladesh is the loveliest and dearest country for me.

Area and situation :

The country is in South - East Asia. It's east, west and north boarders are surrounded by Indian territories. The neighbouring country Mayanmar and the Bay of Bengal are to the south of the country. The total land area of the country is about 55,600 square miles (1,47,570 square k.m.).

Population :

It is a small country. It has a huge population. It is a densely populated country. It's population is increasing so rapidly. The population may be doubled within 20 years. It is also a very poor country. The country is industrially and educationally backward.

Big rivers :

Bangladesh is a riverine country. There are so many rivers spread across the country. The big and well - known rivers are - the Padma , the Jamuna and the Meghna etc. The country has also the world's greatest sea beach - Cox's Bazar sea beach. It has two sea - ports - Mangla and Chittagong.

Historical places :

The country has some historical places. Paharpur , Maynamaty Bihar , Sonargaon and Dhaka City are few of them. Some historical places and The Sundarbans have been declared as the world heritage sites.

It's agriculture :

It is an agro - based country. Its land is very fertile. Farmers grow crops easily. Our farmers are very hard working. Rice is our main food. It is also a country of fruits. Mangoes , bananas , jackfruits , nuts are very few of them.

Beauty of Bangladesh :

Bangladesh is a queen of beauty. It's natural beauty soothes our eyes. It's paddy fields , green grass , green plants are eye-catching. Here six seasons come with different forms of beauty. Visitors are spell-bound by it's scenic beauty.

Man and their nature :

Most of the people are Muslims. Here are some Hindus , Buddhists , Christians and tribal people too. People of all creeds , castes , customs live in peace. They are very hospitable.They are very simple in their ways of life. They are not kinky. They are amiable. They live from hand to mouth. They are very gullible. They are cheated by the demagogues.

Negative sides :

Floods often visit the country. Natural disasters have taken the country in it's grip.  So , the country often falls in food scarcity. Poverty is a daily phenomenon. Besides , corruption has grabbed the country.

Positive sides :

Plus and minus go side by side. The country has some plus sides. The 21 February , the Victory Day , the Independence Day are her great achievements. The country has some great poets like Nazrul Islam and Rabi Tagore.

Conclusion :

Bangladesh is like my breast-feeding mother. I wish to die in her lap. I am ready to sacrifice my life for her. She is my heaven. I wish her all the best.

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