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Composition: A Journey By Launch

A journey by launch is very common in our country.It is refreshing and enjoyable. I had a dream to make a journey by launch.


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    Introduction :

    Bangladesh is a land of rivers. Besides a journey by boat , a journey by launch is very common in our country. It is refreshing and enjoyable. It has a different taste. It's delight and experience are different. It brings us to the contact of nature. I had a dream to make a journey by launch. Last summer , I had the chance. My two bosom friends were with me. We enjoyed it a lot.

    Occasion :

    One of my friends invited us to his Barisal home. We three friends agreed to go. The distance was more than 200 miles. We made up our mind to start our journey on Friday morning.

    Arrangement and start of the journey :

    On the fixed day , we reached the Sadarghat - farfars from. We hired a cabin of the launch. We took clothes , refreshments and camera with us. We had also drinking water. We also bought two magazines from there. The day was sunny. The weather was fine. In a word , everything favoured us. The launch left for Barisal just at 11 a.m. Our journey started from Sadarghat to Barisal.

    Description of the river :

    The river was calm. Our launch was heading towards nicely. Everything was enjoyable. We were breathing in the fresh air of nature. We and nature were in close intimacy. The murmuring sound and the cool breeze charmed us all. It seemed that everything was running behind.

    Sights on and around :

    We saw fields of paddy , long lines of trees and houses on both sides. Some fishermen were fishing. Little boys and girls were swimming. Some were gossiping by the river. A few women were filling their jars. Birds were flying. My friend , Rahaman was a good singer. He was singing a song. In the evening , nature was looking so beautiful. The rays of the setting sun reflected on the water. It seemed that the sun was dancing on the waves. All these charned me.

    Negative side :

    The launch was carrying a lot of passenger and goods. So a fear of mishap always took us in its grip. The launch was about to sink. I heard the passengers  pray to Allah.

    Refresliments :

    We had some refreshments on the launch. It gave us new energy. At around 7 p.m. we reached our destination. We saw that our friend was waiting for us. We enjoyed the journey heartily.

    Conclusion :

    We had a lot of fun too. This journey gave me much pleasure. It was a new experience. It kept me away from my mechanical life. It was a journey of delight. It is still vivid in my memory. The journey was so pleasant that I will never forget it.

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